Introducing NANOBOOST, the Only Turnkey Hemp Extract Concentrate that Quickly and Easily puts Manufacturers into the Burgeoning Hemp-Infused Beverage Market
THR Provides the Hemp Extract Emulsion that Seamlessly Integrates into your Current Beverage Manufacturing Process. NANOBOOST is Engineered to be the Most Versatile Hemp Extract Concentrate Available. It is Compatible with Both Hot and Cold Filling Processes and has a Low Flavor Impact, so it can be Incorporated into a Wide Variety of Beverage Formulations. Based on the Quicksilver Delivery System, NANOBOOST Provides Beverage Manufacturers with an Advantage in Cost and Efficacy.

With the Power of Quicksilver Scientific Delivery Systems®, NANOBOOST is a boost to the beverage industry...

Using Quicksilver Delivery Systems® technology, our hemp extract nano emulsions are non-psychoactive and feature incredibly small particle size (<100nm), which provides 3X the uptake at only half the dose. NANOBOOST is 6X more effective than competitive products, creating a favorable cost-in-use savings for beverage manufacturers.

5mL of NANOBOOST Exceeds the Absorption Rate of 10mL of Competitive Products

Engineered for Complete Beverage Manufacturing Flexibility + Chemical Stability

NANOBOOST is engineered to integrate well into any beverage - providing dynamic flexibility and chemical stability for your next CBD-infused beverage:

  • Low flavor impact for formulating flexibility
  • Completely water-dispersible
  • Two-year unopened/unrefigerated shelf life, guaranteed
  • One-year shelf stability in a finished beverage product
  • Perfectly transparent liquid makes NANOBOOST ideal for use in infused water products
  • Made with full-spectrum hemp oil
  • Available in cost-effective bulk packaging configurations for large orders
  • Proudly made in Colorado with cGMP-compliant manufacturing processes


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6x Bioavailability
via Quicksilver Scientific Delivery Systems®
Reduction of CBD Ingredient Cost